World Assets On Lobstr

How DONALD TRUMP toured the world seizing all the world assets.


The above video was created for you by QuantumBrownie previously known as CrytpoBrownie Australia, links to this video’s resources on events leading up to this GLOBAL WEALTH TRANSFER plus useful Lobstr information from Crypto Brownie!

Executive Order 13903-Combating Human Trafficking and Online Child Exploitation in the United States:…

Executive Order 13848-Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election:…

Executive Order 13959 of November 12, 2020. Addressing the Threat From Securities Investments That Finance Communist Chinese Military Companies:…

Tracking CEO resignations:

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Getting started in a logical sequence:

The first video you will want to watch is how to open a Lobstr account and fund the account with XLM from a crypto exchange, to purchase White Hat assets. 

Then open a Lobstr account with this link:

When you are opening your account, follow along with the video you just watched, to ensure the process goes smoothly.


You need to save your Stellar Wallet Pass Phase onto a word document, make a couple of copies and keep one with you (a personal safe is best) and another in an off-site location (or under the water fountain in the front yard). NEVER save your pass phase to the cloud or on your phone.

Once you have your wallet up and running, transfer XLM to Lobstr using via traditional crypto exchange transfer,

(DO NOT use the “buy lumens” Moonpay service. All banks are blocking assess to Moonpay).

With XLM, you can now purchase these QFS and White Hat assets.

Now understand the differences between Unopen and open assets… 

Now focus on the purchase of Open White hat Asset using the swap asset function. 

Now focus on the purchase of Open White hat Asset using the swap asset function. 

These are the domains on the spreadsheet below that are open white hat seized assets:

Next look at infrastructure tokens that are open using the Swap assets function.

Go to: on telegram to get your access to all the induspayments domain QR Codes today!

Now watch the video on how to buy unopen White Hat assets: 

The video above talks about the Lobstr Asset Spreadsheet.

The Lobstr Wallet Asset Spreadsheet shows all the unopen domains where you can place active SELL orders securing 2 billion tokens of well know companies and intuitions for 1 XLM.

QuantumBrownie Nugget – How to use the Collective Lobstr Asset sheet to purchase Open assets

Thanks for visiting my blog post today, I hope it was helpful for you! Please do check out my previous post about the Lobstr assets! Clich here to learn more…



Any donations for putting this most relevant Lobstr Wallet and seized assets information together is always gratefully appreciated!

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