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About Me

Hello and welcome to my business profile.

Fergal Sheehy here your friendly Entrepreneur and family man interested in Health and Wellness and working to help business owners and entrepreneurs succeed in online marketing using unique internet marketing strategies and techniques! Expertise and Knowledgeable in Online Marketing, Business to Business Relations, Health and Wellness plus future Investment Opportunities!

I’ll introduce myself with my story!

I’m from a small port town in Ireland called Dundalk, located on the north east coast of Ireland. That’s me in the picture on your right and you can visit my social media websites by clicking on any of the social media icons below. Thanks for taking time out to read my business review page. I will start off by telling you how I came to turning to the internet and marketing affiliate opportunities and products to earn myself a comfortable income stream so I can continue to follow my dreams and achieve my goals in life.

Working part-time from the age of 14 to 18 years when I finished school and went into full-time employment working in the horse racing industry where I spent 4 years working for one of the biggest horse trainers in the world Mr. Jim Bolger.

After just one year with no previous experience with horses I was promoted to a head lad with the responsibilities of 24 race horses and four stable staff so just to clarify what I mean by head lad it is the term used in the horse racing industry for management staff. After 4 yrs learning from some of the best horsemen in the industry I went on to spend a short period at Ballyhane Stud working for another legend in the industry Mr. Joe Foley before heading off to freelance at Tattersalls and Goffs in Ireland, France and the UK were I sold horses for all the big names in the industry with my biggest sale being a 1 million guineas mare.

After a couple of years working between Ireland and the UK I decided to go back to Dundalk after spending the previous 6 years away from my home town, I met a woman had children and worked as a bar manager along with sales representitive for company’s such as SkyTV, Airtricity, Imagine Communications and Just Energy to name a few, all these positions gave me a wealth of knowledge via training programs ect… so then after ending a 5 year relationship this was the moment I turned to looking at internet marketing as a means to fueling my future success!

So here we are today. Subscribe to my list to learn more about what I’ve learnt over the last long hard 10 years in the online world.

Here’s a little about me today! Full-time Internet Marketer and Marketing Consultant, along with a wealth of knowledge in Crytpocurrency trading, ICO Token Investments and Blockchain Technology. I enjoy every minute of the work I do online for myself and also to help others, as with enough work and commitment we can all succeed in this industry once we are open to learn new ways, focus but be open minded at the same time as things change at a fast rate in the online world. I put my marketing skills and knowledge into personal branding on Social Media, Mobile & Video Marketing, for without doubt these 3 methods are the most important to implement into your business and marketing strategies.

If your looking to make a difference in your life and the life of others, it would be my pleasure to provide you with all the Internet Marketing Knowledge & Education for you to be successful working for yourself online for I like to follow my dreams, be healthy, happy and successful in whatever I do and I wish the same for everyone else. I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

My Favourite Quotes: “I’m so intellegent that sometimes i dont even understand what i am saying.” ~ Oscar Wilde.

“I never perfected an invention that i did not think about in terms of the service it might give others…. I find out what the world needs,then I proceed to invent.” ~ Thomas Edison

My Specialities as an Internet Marketer include Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, SEO and Ranking Expert.

I also have a wealth of knowledge in the Gold, Silver and Cryptocurrency Industry and Personal Developement Consultant.

Thanks for taking the time out to read my story so far!

Please follow my blog to keep upto date with what I’m working on or what education I offer in 2019 and beyond to secure the financial future of myself and anyone that decides to join my network of successful entreprenuers, business owners, internet marketers, investors or forex traders.

Before you move on you can also connect with any of my social media networks below.

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